Monday, March 3, 2008

Just a Little Something That’s Been Bugging Me

The last few mornings on my way to work I’ve heard a radio ad by Sierra Club begging Senator Lugar to take it to those evil businesses who actually dare to make an income and produce jobs. Maybe you’ve heard it too. That’s fine and dandy and they make it sound very flowery so you think to yourself as your driving “wow, you know, I really should give Senator Lugar a call about this.” And I really don’t mind the Sierra Club running those ads honestly. But the one thing that bugs me more than anything is that they refer the people who live in Indiana as…..wait for it….Indianans. Really? Indianans? Is is so hard for the tree huggers in California to know that we’re called Hoosiers (whether you went to I.U. or not)? Was it a cloudy day and the solar power was cut off to their computers? Maybe they didn’t have enough carbon offsets to keep their heads out of a foggy haze.

I know, I know, this isn’t anything serious or thought provoking, but it’s been bothering me a little lately. I’m sure “Indianans” passes muster when doing a radio ad, but it sounds dumb. I know I should just change the station if it bothers me that much. I guess, maybe next time I will. That’s all.

Since I don’t rant all that often this qualifies as my short rant for the day.


Anonymous said...

That irked me, too.

Anonymous said...

The young lady in the picture isn't all that bad ... Bad perspective and unfortuante camera angle, but she could be kinda hot, don't you think?

Does anyone else wonder if she shaves her legs?

Josh Gillespie said...

Razor? She don't need no stinkin' razor!