Friday, April 25, 2008

This Joint is Jumpin'

Greetings Fellow Hacks, Flacks, and DD's!

For the first friggin' time in my life I have actually seen Democratic Presidential candidates in Indiana. In fact, you almost can't go anywhere (seriously, anybody downtown by the American Legion Mall the other day?) without tripping over throngs of Clinton and or Obama supporters heading over to one of the events and/or rallies.

Even little ol' Marion, up in Grant County, is getting a visit from Obama-mama-mia this weekend. I can already hear the swoon and thud of another ecstatic Obamaite hitting the floor - out cold - in the mere presence of the Obamassiah. Can I get a medic here, please?

As a proud, whiskey-swilling, bitter old, gun-toting, Bible-thumper I must be honest. I actually find all this fawning and preening quite entertaining. All these local news-reporters are getting plastered with stuff from the campaigns in a way they have only dreamed about previously. Even the local cage-liner here in the Big City is getting into the act in a big way.

Dem Hack and CBS pundit, Joe Trippi, thinks that Team Clinton is using Indiana as a "head fake" to draw attention away from their efforts in North Carolina, but I don't care. Indiana still gets to be in the limelight for the next 10 days and, by Crom, we deserve it.

Even us rank amateurs here at the WPBCHQ are having some fun with it. Enjoy, Indiana. It may be another 40 years for the next political "perfect storm" rolls across the Hoosier state. In the meantime, stay tuned we'll surely find something weird enough to comment on.

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