Tuesday, April 8, 2008

National News Breaking from Indiana ... GOP Official files Election Complaint Against Obama-mama-mia Campaign

Harrison County GOP Chairman, Scott Fluhr, files a complaint with the Indiana Election Commission alleging a violation of Indiana Code 3-14-2-1, wherein “payment of any property” of value in exchange for applying for an absentee ballot, casting an absentee ballot, registering to vote, or voting" is prohibited under state law. The issue arises out of the Obama campaign passing out "free tickets" to a Dave Matthews concert at Indiana University in Bloomington on April 6.

Fluhr cited several media reports and annecdotal evidence that the Obama-mama-mia campaign seemed to be clearly in violation of the statute by handing out the tickets in exchange for registering to vote and asked the Commission to conduct "A full investigation ... into the exact circumstances of this event and the distribution of tickets to it is clearly warranted and necessary to ascertain relevant facts regarding potential violations of this and other portions of the Indiana Code."

Fluhr notes that the two Democratic members of the IEC are closely tied to the state's junior Senator, Evan Bayh, and are therefore likely to be supportive of the Clinton campaign. Whether that plays into any decision of the commission is pure speculation, but it does seem to make for an interesting set of circumstances leading up to the state's May 6 Primary.

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