Thursday, April 17, 2008

Follicle Challenged Flacks Shocked by Faulker Losing Locks

GOP Flack and Hair Fan Club Super Model Lops Off for Locks of Love Donation to Pat Bauer

GOP Political Hack and long-time Hair aficionado, Chris Faulkner, shows up at the Hamilton County Lincoln Day Dinner sporting a "new 'do". While not reverting to his days as a young Marine with the "felt-tip pen" look, the new mane is demonstrably shorter than the Hair Fan Club Photo reprinted above.

Those of us who suffer with Chronic Follicle Absentia Disorder (C-FAD) were troubled by this turn of events until Faulkner revealed that he had done it in order to donate the hair to the poster boy for the bad-hair day, Pat "the Rug" Bauer. Oh the humanity! What greater love than this, that a man would give up his mane for a friend!

All we can say is, thanks. And remember, eventually, even a bad hair cut is better than no hair cut at all.

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