Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dude. A Bowl-off? C'mon.

Seriously, I think my namesake was right. "How low do you have to stoop in this country to become President?" (see "Our Quotable Quote on the right side of this space)

I got this tweet on my Twitter today:

"hillaryclinton It has been a hard fought race but I have a proposal for the Democratic Party – I challenge Senator Obama to a bowl-off, winner takes all. from web "

It was actually a freak of nature thing until I just saw Fox News do a bit on it. I appreciate humor more than any other person on this planet. Especially, political humor. I live for Leno and Letterman ... even Colbert (his tweets are a hoot, btw.), but this is too much. Forget the 24-hour news cycle, this is the leader of the free world man! Except for my good friends in Wisconsin that actually live at the bowling alley, will anybody get the joke?

I have never been a huge McCain fan ... really. But, after this, I'm thinkin' that McCain looks positively Presidential. He's got my vote.

Obama tells us that we have to do everything that "Grandma tells us to do" - after he throws Grandma under the bus as a racist throwback to the 50's - and the Hil wants a bowl off? Are we serious here?

Gamers for net neutrality? Tranny's for Jesus? What the heck comes next? Bowlers for Pick-up Spare at the DNC?

Fellow DDs, I propose we all go over to the WPBCHQ, fire up the blender, and have a few blue fruity drinks... we'll even throw in the little paper umbrellas.

Is it Friday yet?

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