Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bet You Wont See This in the Indianpolis Star!

Below is the text of a letter sent to Hoosier Access, Brian Howey, polispolitics, Indianapolis Star, Noblesville Ledger and a couple of others by Howard County GOP Chairman, Craig Dunn. If ever there was an eloquent defense of the Grand Old Party, this is it fellow DD's:

I am writing this as both a Republican and as Republican County Chairman for Howard County. When Dr. John McGoff surprised and disappointed most of the leadership of the Republican Party by announcing an ill-advised campaign against thirteen-term incumbent Congressman Dan Burton, many old political hands expected McGoff to take the easy shots at Burton for missing a few votes for a previously scheduled charity golf tournament. Frankly, since Burton's conservative voting record, constituent services and service to the Republican Party were above reproach, it did not leave much of an opportunity for Dr. McGoff to attack. However, the old political hands failed to realize the depths that someone in desperate political straights might resort to in an effort to revive a moribund and utterly failed campaign.

I was personally sickened and saddened by the callously inappropriate attack mail piece selectively mailed by John McGoff in recent days. To characterize this most recent mail piece as a gross distortion would be an understatement. In fact, it was a senseless, inaccurate distortion of the truth that was not only libelous to Dan Burton personally, but was incredibly damaging to the Republican Party. It is self-evident that the McGoff campaign has shed any vestige of civility and honor and has resorted to the time-worn tactic of obfuscation and smearing of an opponents good name. This is the act of one who is definitely more concerned with his own well-being than with the well-being of his Party and Indiana's Fifth Congressional District. I had hoped that Dr. McGoff would run an honorable, honest and energetic campaign of ideas. However, McGoff, devoid of original ideas, felt compelled to try and rescue his lagging campaign with the political equivalent of a fourth quarter "Hail Mary" pass.

It is no secret that former lobbyist Jack Abramoff donated campaign funds to hundreds of elected officials, of both political parties, over the years. When the news of Abramoff's plainly illegal acts became known, Dan Burton felt compelled to disgorge his campaign of any Abramoff contributed funds. This is a time-honored and accepted tradition in the political world. Dan Burton donated Abramoff's campaign contributions to various charities. This is the truth, plain and simple.

In the hands of McGoff's highly-paid political hit-men this simple act of reasonable charity morphed itself into a mail piece alleging fraud, intentionally diverting campaign funds to a charity. This is not only disingenuous, but laughable in the face of the facts. Upon further reflection, it isn't laughable. To directly challenge the personal integrity of a man who has given the majority of his life to public service in Indiana, agree with his political views or not, is totally inappropriate. It not only violates one of the Commandments against bearing false witness, it also violates Ronald Reagan's Commandment about speaking ill of another Republican. It was an obvious act of desperation, beneath the dignity of Dr. McGoff, detrimental to the Republican Party and just plain wrong.

I am sure that Dan Burton subscribes to Abraham Lincoln's philosophy about a lion doing battle with a skunk. The lion Burton will surely win, but cannot help but come out smelling from the encounter. It is for this reason that I ask Dr. John McGoff to grow up, understand that he is trying to compete on a level which requires much more judgment than he has demonstrated and treat his fellow man and opponent in a manner in which he would also wish to be treated. The constituents of the Fifth Congressional District are entitled to as much. Dr. McGoff owes Dan Burton and the people of the Fifth District an apology for bringing such sewage to our state. Perhaps the mail piece was not the work of Dr. McGoff, but the work of the medical, pharmacological and trial attorney special interests that seem to be his sole source of financial and political support. If so, Dr. McGoff, please repudiate these special interest driven libels!

When one reviews the incredible long list of endorsements that Dan Burton has received from State officials, legislators, Congressmen, local elected officials, party faithful and average loyal Republicans, it is very easy to understand why they have put their trust in Dan to represent their interests and defend their Country. He has consistently delivered sound, conservative and effective leadership in the United States Congress and yet has remained a Hoosier at heart. If Dr. McGoff does not provide himself with the appropriate Hoosier self-discipline, I trust that the Republican voters of the Fifth District will apply the needed restraint.

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