Friday, April 18, 2008

Ripped from the Headlines! Or, "How we swiped this idea from another Blog."

Greetings fellow DDs!

All us bitter gun-toting Jesus-freaks here at the WPBCHQ are clinging to our AR-15's and sandbagging the perimeter in expectation of the opportunity to have the Hil-ster over for a whiskey-swilling good time firing up the "Ma Duece". Fellow flacks, Josh Gillespie of Hoosier Access and Burton hack, Rick Wilson, are rumored to be in Tennessee as we speak picking up some of the "family's finest" (aged an entire week, out behind the barn!)

Should be a smokin' good time, y'all! (We even have Johnsonville Sausages and some deer kabobs to throw on the grill!) I, of course, will be providing the blender.

Speaking of Guns! Check this out from our pals at TBB:

All gun owners in the 5th district should be re-assured that their rights are being protected by their current Congressman. Something they can't guarantee from Dan's opponent, who has a history of supporting restrictions on gun ownership.

The SAFE Act protects the right of citizens to carry their firearms into other states by allowing law-abiding citizens who can legally carry in their home state -- even without a permit -- to carry all across the country. The Gun Owners of America is supporting the bill.

Gun owners throughout the district have enthusiastically supported Dan for a long time. When it really counts, they know they can count on Dan to protect our Second Amendment rights!


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