Monday, April 28, 2008

Indianapolis Democrats: Examples of Hypocrisy

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I live blogged the City-County Council meeting tonight and found one very interesting piece of hypocrisy from the Democrats: When complaining about the lack of African-Americans on boards and commissions, they throw another African-American professional woman under the bus and vote against her appointment as an Administrative Law Judge for Environmental Court. I'm referring to Proposal 163 and the appointment of Darla Williams to this court.

Black Democrat City-County Councilors Paul Bateman, Vernon Brown, Dorothy Minton-McNeill, Jose Evans, Monroe "Sweet Pea" Gray, Duke Oliver, Cherrish Pryor, and one caucasian woman Joanne Sanders voted "NO" on this proposal. Note Sweet Pea's opposition to Williams' appointment.

Later, in Proposal 198, Sweet Pea "axes" about the number of African-American appointees to boards. You gotta be kidding me, oh master of the pea shake! Just a few minutes before you tried to deny a black professional woman opportunity and refuse her appointment to a adjudicate cases while complaining about the lack of African-Americans on boards and commissions?


How DARE he even state such a thing with a straight face? Or a goofy face - or any face for that matter.

It gets better. In the next proposal #199, another board appointment, Sweet Pea axes the question why are there not more African-Americans appointed to the Community Corrections board? Does the hypocrisy ever end with the Moonbats?

It's really not just getting an African-American on these boards, now is it? It's getting the ones a few can serve as masters over and these appointees comply willing without asking questions.

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