Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Well, we tried to stay out of it, but ...

Well, we were sitting around the WPBC HQ, spinning up some frozen drinks in the ol' Osterizer, when the Twitterfeed went nuts, and the Blogs started going spastic, and generally speaking, our quiet little world started falling apart. There was more pinging and bell-ringing going on than a gay pride parade.

Seems those nutty GOP Congressman weren't so nutty after all. What the "Drive-by ME-dia" reported (rather scarcely) as a "political stunt" has turned into an all-out internet/new media revolution! (Proving yet again: The Main Stream Media is increasingly irrelevant.)

dontgo.us and callbackcongress.com, along with several (as in dozens) of Blogs, "Media Lizzy" Blackney, and thousands of just plain ol' Americans are on the floor of the US House, in the dark, without microphones or C-SPAN, just having a national conversation on energy via the Internet. It is an amazing thing to watch. Folks have been sneaking in camera phones and posting video clips to the 'net. (FYI, our fellow Tweeting flacks @kurtluidhardt and @krisluidhardt are on the floor as we write sending out updates and posting to their blog (BTW, throw us a bone and crosspost a few of those will ya?)

What the Drive-by ME-dia can't (or likely won't) report, these intrepid new media hacks are scooping and driving a grassroots potential uprising over the issue of giving the Members of Congress an up or down vote on comprehensive Energy Reform legislation. Sounds pretty logical to us here at the WPBC - even if we have had a few fruity concoctions of questionable recipe.

So we say, Keep Going! Crank it up! This is great stuff. BTW, We all logged on to sign the petition.

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