Monday, August 18, 2008

Faulkner Goes Legit - No Rumors of Pay-offs or Lapse in Judgement Evident.

Hair Fan Club obviously plays important role in selection

Dateline: Granger, Ind.

The following press release found it's way into the WPBCHQ Inbox this morning:


During the July meeting of the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC), Chris Faulkner was nominated and confirmed to serve as a board member for the Mid-West Chapter. Faulkner will be serving as one of four Republican representatives on the board, along with four Democrats and four Independents.

Chris Faulkner is Vice President of Faulkner Strategies, located in Granger, Indiana. Faulkner Strategies is a marketing and political consulting firm, a nationally renowned direct mail vendor, and a contributor in issue-advocacy campaigns.

Beyond his current role at Faulkner Strategies, Chris has led many campaign training schools both in the U.S. and abroad. In 2004, Chris served as Executive Director of the Republican National Committee’s effort in Minnesota to re-elect President Bush. He also worked as a District Director for former Congressman Chris Chocola in Indiana.

The AAPC was formed to represent political consultants, media consultants, pollsters, campaign managers, corporate public affairs officers, professors, fund-raisers, lobbyists, congressional staffers and vendors. The organization’s members vary in ideology, forming a coalition of Republicans, Democrats and Independents. As campaigns become more extensive, the role of political consultants has greatly increased. The AAPC serves as an organization to encourage the best in their fields to grow and strengthen the American electoral system.

Chris Faulkner’s insight and experience will be a valuable addition to the Mid-West Board of the American Association of Political Consultants.

You can connect with Chris online with Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. You can also catch his commentary on his blog

CONGRATULATIONS, Chris Faulkner! You can catch some of the Faulkner insight on these pages as Chris is also conspirator here... which proves: "The Tough Really Do Turn Pro."

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