Monday, August 4, 2008

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Boffo-over-the-top-bash for Young GOPer

Well, fellow dumpster divers, if you didn't get the memo yet:

the invitation only bash for one of the metro areas up-and-comers was the "must do" of the summer. The Hawaiian Luau theme not withstanding ... the Guest of Honor (1 year old Peter Certo, son of the effervescent and always charming Meghan Certo and her poker-playing jurist husband, the Honorable David Certo) was breaking all the fashion barriers sporting a bright red Hawaiian print shirt and broad smile - clearly winning the hearts of several female attendees.

Mom put out the nines for the bash, which your humble correspondents crashed with relative ease, and Dad was hawking his "world famous Pineapples in Rum Sauce" - which we are sure is strained pineapple slices with a bottle of rum poured over the top, then left to soak for three hours - and a bevy of finger food and a glorious selection of more substantial fare which covered the entire dining room table!

Notable Certo party staples include the "iced-keg-o-beer" and a near-world famous selection of booze. All in all: This one rated 5-1/2 out of Six on the Gonzo Blend-o-meter Party Scale.

... And Congratulations to young Mr. Certo. Happy Birthday, Buddy!

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