Thursday, August 14, 2008

GOP's Guerrilla Congress to Pelosi: "Hey, We're Still Here!"

The Battle of Ideas Continues! Meanwhile, Pelosi continues hawking "really bad" book.

Dateline: Washington. While Speaker Pelosi continues her "Save the Planet" world tour, hawking her critically panned new book and Michael Phelps continues his charge for 8 Olympic Golds - House GOPers continue on their relentless fight to move America toward Energy Independence.

House Republicans are once again gathering on the House floor to continue their fight for a vote on the American Energy Act. House Republicans and the overwhelming majority of the American People believe that Speaker Pelosi should cancel her book tour and immediately reconvene the House so that we can pass a bill to lower the cost of gasoline and energy.

This morning, at 11:00 a.m., House Republicans will continue to deliver their message directly to the American people on the House floor. So, if you happen to be in Washington today, drop by and be a part of the historic National discussion that the GOPers are engaging in.

H/T GOP Whip's floor assistant (What a hard-working guy ...)

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