Friday, August 29, 2008

This Just In ... McCain "VeepStakes" ***UPDATED***

10:34 EST
McCain Campaign confirms to FOX - Sarah Palin is the pick for Veep. (WPBC)

10:25 EST
:::BREAKING::: FNC says sources "backstage" at the Nutter Center are telling them the Veep pick is Palin. (WPBC)

10:20 EST
:::BREAKING::: reports it's PALIN! (WPBC)

10:01 EST
UPDATE FNC has producer on the ground at Middleton Airport. FNC reports that plane landed shortly after 10 PM EST Thursday night and that "a woman in her 40s and two young men" deplaned and were picked up by SUVs. McCain has "hit it out of the park" on getting maximum anticipation w/no leaks. Complete steals the news cycle from Obama. Nobody is talking about Obama speech last night. Story continues to move at warp speed. Stay tuned ... (WPBC)

9:51 EST
Were in the World is Eric?
Sittin' here w/the Chica spinning up some blue fruity frozen stuff and I'm not seein' anybody talk about the Congressman from Virginia ... Is the silence deafening? Could it be the #yeswecantor team knows something and just isn't feeding the speculation ... Sarah Palin is a head-fake. Ridge is too toxic. Meg Whitman is too "corporate". CT Joe is too "democrat" of an independent and would be a yawner to most GOPers. Cantor: young, conservative, articulate, and can raise a boatload of $$$. Chica's in for a Mamosa w/Cantor, but really, secretly, wants a photo-op. We all have our reasons I guess. More to come ... (G.O.D./SWC)

9:28 EST
UPDATE Fellow Dumpster Divers! The Obama-mama-mia is being completely shut out less than 12 hours after his rather flat and uninspiring speech from the Baraclopoulis (or was it the Denver Post Office, not sure) ... the 24 minute news cycle has moved on to the GOP "VeepStakes" and the Gonzenator couldn't be happier. First, because it gives us an excuse to fire up the Blender and get a head start on the holiday weekend. Second, because we're all just dyin' to see who gets to collect on the WPBCHQ Office Pool. ($36.00, not chump change, baby!)
Stay tuned ... (G.O.D.)

9:20 EST
UPDATE FNC hawking AK Gov Sarah Palin as Veep pick. Chattering class all "a-Twitter" on the Palin pick ... Report: Bluey, citing @PoliticsNation says "watch Lindsey Graham" ... this reporter is non-plussed about Graham, but story still evolving. (WPBC)

8:19 EST
UPDATE ***Breaking*** PRIVATE AIRCRAFT W/AK Reg parked at Dayton area Airport. Report: Bluey, AK Gov Palin on short list. Fox reports Romney's out too. Speculation rampant among the "Chattering Class". More to come ... (WPBC)

8:02 EST:
This Just In ... Pawlenty out as VP pick. Spotlight on Romney, Cantor. More as information develops. AK Gov Palin may be on "Short List" ... Story is still moving, stay tuned. (WPBC)

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