Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FINAL UPDATE: Is She or Isn't She? Yes. She is.

UPDATE: It's Official this time. CPD and all the networks/cable outlets are reporting that Rep Tubbs-Jones has passed away. RIP & God Bless.
UPDATE: 3:21 pm EST. More from Michael Turk (

"Cleveland Plain Dealer reports Tubbs-Jones is now somewhere north of perfectly healthy, but somewhere south of dead."

UPDATE: 3:10 pm EST. Tweet from Michael Turk (

"Stephanie Tubbs-Jones is
a) dead,
b) critical on life support,
c) stable but critical,
d) stable, or
e) actually an android from Planet X?

We report. You choose.
Personally, I'm cool with "all of the above."
UPDATE: 2:45 pm EST. reports that, "Countering media reports of her death, a doctor for Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones says she is alive and on life support."
---------------------------------------------------------------- reports that "sources have told the Cleveland Plain Dealer" that US Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-OH) has just died from an Aneurysm. CNN and Fox Business Network are also reporting same. Tubbs Jones was found unconscious behind the wheel of her automobile last night and rushed to an East Cleveland Hospital. She was 58.

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