Monday, August 11, 2008

NACNY PELOSI is in bed with Boone Pickens!!!

Speaker is investor in CLNE ... no wonder she does not want drilling in America.

Here's one you will not see on the Evening News on ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN et al. Read the whole story here.

Trust me, fellow flacks, hacks and others of questionable repute, I am not against people being rich. I love investors and investments. I want to be financially secure in my dotage. But, what really honks me off is people like Pelosi who say one thing, but do another, and get personal financial gain in the process. Don't get me wrong, Nancy is completely free to invest in Pickens' company. But to say that we need to increase the use of alternative (wind/solar/geo-thermal, etc.) energy and not allow a vote on drilling is just shameless - especially as millions of Americans continue to struggle with high gas and oil prices, and the prospect of the winter heating season looming just around the seasonal corner. It's one thing to cut back on driving, it's completely another to freeze all winter.

Another example of the "most ethical" Congress in history?


Jason Gillman said...

You got it Gonz!

Trick is, she may not have ALL of her wealth involved, but if the infrastructure play in CA is built, her little investment could rival some of the big players out there.

"Gonz" said...

My sources say that Pelosi invested 100K. But as the article points out, $500 billion from the California taxpayers and another $500 billion from the rest of us taxpayers will finance the bonds and drive the bus. She'll just reap the benefits if the stock surges. In the meantime, we're stuck with high gas prices and the prospect of exponentially higher home heating costs this winter.