Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin: She's tough. She's pretty. She's smart, and she hunts Moose.

Since the overwhelming majority of Americans are not even sure where Alaska is, it's no surprise that they may not know much about the Governor, turned Veep candidate, Sarah Palin.

The daughter of a school teacher, she's a beauty queen and star basketball player who hunted Moose with her Dad in the wee hours of the Alaskan mornings. She's married with five kids - FIVE! She's a small business owner and, Oh, did we mention that she's the Chief Executive of the largest State in the Union. Plus, she has that killer "take off eh, ya hoser" accent that will endear her to the masses. Authentic. Most important to us: card-carrying-life-member of the NRA.

In one, quick, flip of the fillet knife (gotta love those fishing metaphors), Sarah Palin has gutted the BO/Joe campaign. We can't wait to watch the Dems genuflect. No doubt the tortured contortions of a campaign that has just been de-nutted will be both interesting and satisfying. The schadenfreude of the moment is undeniable.
Eric Erickson on Sarah Palin:
Let's get this out here right now. On experience: Sarah Palin runs the largest state in the nation and Barack Obama and Joe Biden combined run their mouths. That's it in a nutshell.
Some people just have a knack for knowing just what to say and just when to say it. Sarah Palin impresses us as that kind of person. Her speech today was interesting to say the least. Husband, Todd, is our new favorite guy. He races "snow machines" (whatever that is) and we here at the WPBCHQ hope we can get him over to spin up a few concoctions and talk racin', fishin' and what the heck they do during those long winter nights in Alaska - um, yeah. Five kids. Dumb question.

So welcome to the fray, Sarah. Oh, and Happy Anniversary, too.

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Anonymous said...

wow a pro sarah site, it only took me to the second page on google to find one (those dem idiots), yeah!!! You go girl!!!Yeah sarah!!!Thank you for your site...bookmarked ya! Jan from IL