Friday, August 29, 2008

"Palinator" has Everyone All a-Twitter

GOP Veep pick, Sarah Palin, has the Internet buzzin' this afternoon.

Popular socnet site Twitter has been burning up all afternoon with the Little Known Facts about the Alaska Governor. The spontaneous Twitter-up has even spawned a new website.

Some examples:

Our personal favorite:

seanhackbarth Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin thinks Rubic's Cubes are too easy. She wants a Rubic's Dodecahedron.

You know that she must be a good choice when the liberal blogs are just apoplectic about her selection. They have been scrambling all day to find anything they can to diminish her credentials.

Over at the BOJoe campaign, we're guessin' it's Pepto Bismol time. This is going to be one fun 67 days, kids. Stay tuned.

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