Thursday, September 11, 2008

You Thought the Lipstick Comment was Good ... Try This One!

Dudes and Dudettes,

We so completely ripped this one off from Hoosier Access, but we can't help ourselves.

The latter half of Team BOJoe caught on tape once again. Thank the "Man" for getting us the camera/video on a cell phone!

Check out the Hoosier Access post and see the video clip HERE.

Biden, in typical Biden-style, inserts foot (A) into mouth (B) then, in a lame-ass-rally-the-troops attempt, seems to try to make the gaffe into a "tribute moment".

The story line goes like this:

Biden is doing some intros at an event in Missouri. He gets to State Senator Chuck Graham.

"Stand up, Chuck!", he says. One problem. Senator Graham is wheelchair bound. (Some staffer screwed the pooch! Usually, the candidate gets briefed about "special circumstances" - ask any of the hacks hangin' around here) ...

So now. Joe, realizing that the good Senator can't stand up, turns back to the crowd and exhorts them to, "Stand up for Chuck!" It's just classic.

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

H/T Hoosier Access for letting us rip them off.

1 comment:

Jacob Perry said...

No effing way!

'Course, if you elect Barry, State Senator Walker will walk one day. That can either be a reference to Barry's divinity, or a joke about the way Kerry's campaign tried to tell us how Christopher Reeve would walk again if his crew were elected.