Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Found One! I Found One!

When I was on Abdul in the Morning last Friday, four separate callers called in to ask my Democrat counterpart Jen Wagner to name three legislative accomplishments by Barack Obama. She mentioned three things that she claimed were things that Barack himself usually answers when asked to list accomplishments:

  1. Marrying Michelle Obama
  2. Being a community organizer
  3. Registering record numbers of voters

I kid you not, that’s what she said. Abdul and Chris Spangle can back me up on that. And frankly, I’d love to post the audio of that.

But since those are far from legislative accomplishments (though I will give credit where credit is due..all are remarkable in their own right), I was able to come across at least one legislative accomplishment…though it was while he was in the Illinois Senate…and he was able to pass comprehensive sex education for (wait for it….) kindergartners.


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Chris Spangle said...

She said it! - Chris Spangle. I'll get the audio up soon. Still not sure how he is qualified.