Friday, September 5, 2008

JLT and Donnie Ray; Switched at Birth?

See, here's the great thing about blogging: not only can an amateur hack like yours truly have one, but so can a deluded and self-absorbed former prostitute; where said former sex professional can do everything from claiming to be the reason for Greg Ballard's victory to promoting calorie-burning energy drinks.

But you would think someone who once offered sexual services for a fee would be a bit better about identifying people in pictures, wouldn't you?

Andy Horning has bigger name recognition in governor's race than Jill Long Thompson

Uh, no it doesn't, sweetheart. Parhaps you want to re-read the survey, which states that Andy's name ID is higher than Donnie Ray II.

Come to think of it, Andy probably has a higher name ID than Gabrielle Campos (who I hear is running for Congress in the 7th District), Bobby Hidalgo-Kerns, Brose McVey, Nels Ackerson and the cute little girl that used to be on the Cosby Show.


Anonymous said...

Your motto is misspelled

The Contrarian said...


We know. We did it on purpose. In over three hundred posts and 8 months on the internet, and I don't know how many page views, you are only the second person to notice. How cool is that?