Saturday, February 28, 2009

This Just In: Ruskie Mechanic downs bottle of Viagra in all day Sex Orgy

Dies of Heart Attack moments after marathon 3-some concludes.

In another story from the "Well, it's just too weird, even for us" file, we get news from Russia that a 28 year old mechanic decides to take a bet from two babes that he can take them on in a marathon, all-day threesome.

This on the heals of some rapper on Twitter giving the "blow-by-blow" account of his 36 hour "tantric" sex orgy. Texting your tete-a-tete ... that's some extreme cheerleading.

Hey, if it's on Fox News, it's gotta be true. Right?

Here at the WPBHQ we no longer ask the question "What is the world coming to?" It's become evident.

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