Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: (INDIANA) State Department of Education rewrites Flex-time Policy

Foughty Rewrites the Rules!

Fellow Hacks, Flacks, and Dumpster Divers:

This is what we live for! I just heard from Superintendent of Public Instruction that the work habits of one of our fellow Dumpster Divers has led to a change in the flex time rules at the Department of Education.

But that's really not what we want to talk about.

Seriously. We spent a solid 30 minutes on a conference call with Dr. Tony Bennett on a wide range of issues. Avid readers will note that education has never been one of our "big topic items" here at the WPBHQ. (Devoted readers will know we're more into blender drinks.) Yet, we were impressed with this guy. Dr. Bennett talked about real issues that effect the education of the little curtain climbers that we're all depending on to provide the tax revenue we'll need in our old age.

What are we getting for our tax dollars? How do we invest in our good teachers and help those less than adequate find another profession? This guy actually thinks about this stuff.

Parents - get in the game. Indiana finally has a SPI who actually cares about the "chil'in's" and not the next election. He deserves our support. Skeptical, "hold his feet to the fire" support. He earned the chance to show Hoosier families what is possible.

If you want the real analysis, go where you always go ... Hoosier Access. Otherwise, take our word for it - Give this guy a chance.

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