Friday, February 13, 2009

So Much for Democrat Promises

Remember the promise Democrats made to the American public to read the Stimulus Bill before voting on it? Yeah, didn’t happen. Well before voting on the bill, Republican Minority Leader John Boehner (who is pretty ticked in the video) got up on the floor of Congress to chastise the vote because not one member of the House had read the new version before voting. Apparently, they had only about twelve or so hours to read the entire 1,071 page, 8-inch-thick bill before the vote took place. New Jersey Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg believes that no colleague of his will have a chance to read it either before voting.

Democracy at work.

To no one’s surprise, the bill passed 246-183. Also, to know ones surprise, no Republicans and seven Democrats voted against it. None of the Hoosier Democrat Congressmen voted against the bill. Previously, Brad Ellsworth had.

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