Monday, October 27, 2008

If it's for free, it's for me!!!

Well, here we go.

Government gives out free money to everybody on Wall Street who wants it. 9 banks get billions from you and me. GM, $15 billion. No fine print... this is too good to be true... we are so getting hosed.

Can I get some love from the USG? Can I get a couple hundred grand? I mean, really. Give me an effin' beak. Banks and insurance companies - all of whom had a near-death experience - are sucking on the government teat so they can continue doing what they do. Do you actually think these banks are going to actually spread this cash around? Hardly. Does the word "Hoard" ring a bell with anyone?

Gawd, I want to strangle some of these knuckleheads. And I am not being a populist here. I would like to think that I am being pragmatic. FULL DISCLOSURE: I am not an economist. But I pay taxes ... a lot of taxes ... and I am pissed that my tax dollars are going to help Bank A do a merger deal with Bank B so they can have your deposits to make them more solvent than they were before the merger. I am pissed that AIG is getting a ton of cash because they are "to big to fail" or some other such moniker.

Viva la Credit Union and Community Bank. These guys actually do due diligence.

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