Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And if that wasn't enough ... Cardwell on Kool-Aid for the Masses!

Hooray!! More people are on Food Stamps!!

John Cardwell and his merry bunch of family members have been traveling the state complaining that not enough people are on food stamps. For them, this indicates a failure on the part of the state’s Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA).
Tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

First of all, since when is it good news when MORE people are on welfare? This is a twisted standard of success isn’t it?

Second, just because someone wants food stamps doesn’t mean we are obliged to give them to them. Fundamentally, isn’t our deal pretty simple? If you absolutely can’t take care of yourself the government will give you assistance. If you are a healthy, capable individual who can’t demonstrate proof that you are destitute you don’t DESERVE food stamps. Cardwell’s complaints smell an awful lot like he believes that 1/5 of Hoosiers are entitled. They aren’t. My thought- if Cardwell wants to give everybody welfare checks why not let he and his liberal buddies pay for it.

Worst of all, Cardwell’s not complaining because there are LESS people on food stamps than before. He’s actually complaining because the increase has not been as significant as he would like. According to the FSSA, there are nearly 62,000 more Indiana residents on Food Stamps right now than the same time last year.
FSSA spokeswoman Elizabeth Surgener told The Associated Press on Tuesday the number of households receiving food stamps statewide is up. Last year, the number of households receiving food stamps was 494,778. This year, it is 556,646 households, she said.

Surgener said the new system increases flexibility and offers more options to serve the needs of clients. If they need the assistance of a caseworker, “they still have that option.”

Surgener said many community agencies have volunteered to help clients in navigating the new system.

This is some twisted loony.

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