Tuesday, October 21, 2008

At Least He Finally Admits It....

At last. Dennis Ryerson the senior editor at the Indianapolis Star, known affectionately around here as the "Ryerson Rag", has admitted the left-wing bias of the Rag's editorial board.

"Though The Star long has had a right-of-center editorial page voice, we've moderated considerably over the years."
So that what you call the 40-yard dash towards the far left?

Speaking of those endorsements for Congress, what did you use for your litmus test? The pork barrel financial bailout package. Those who voted against it, you railed them and gave an endorsement only if the opponent has no chance in hell of winning. Though exception is for Congressman Dan Burton. I'm sure the Congressman's opponent appreciates the free advertising as she apparently can't afford ads on her own. Or her rent.
"Nonetheless, many liberals still say we pitch conservative nonsense"
Who? The Daily K00ks? Moron.org? Those are full fledged wings flapping in the breeze Moonbats.

"[M]any conservatives say we are full of liberal noise."

That's not all you're full of......

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