Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Forget Traditional Pressers Brose McVey Uses Facebook

We live in the internet age and candidates are using it to their advantage. Heck, they’re using it to formally (?) announce they’re running for congress. Think I’m kidding?

How is this an announcement you ask? Well you may recall that McVey announced that he was considering a run via his website Oddly, it hasn’t been updated to reflect this new information as it gives his traditional welcome message and that he’s formed an exploratory committee.

But there you go. Then again, are you surprised? I called that Brose was running back when his site went live back in January:

My question is, why put up a website if you’re giving Congressman Burton time to decide if he’s going to run again, when he clearly has stated many times over since 2008’s primary he’s ready to run again? The answer is, McVey has already determined he’s going to run regardless of what “decision” Congressman Burton makes.

But, as a “new media guy” I do applaud McVey’s use of the internet to promote his candidacy.

Life in the 5th District….always interesting.

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