Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And Then There Were Five…er, Still Four

(Woah…not so fast! Looks like Carl Brizzi won’t be running agaisnt Burton after all. Questions still remain whether he’ll be running against for )

Well, it's not official that Marion County won’t have Carl Brizzi running for prosecutor next year. Instead, he’s the fifth Marion/Hamilton county resident to be running in the 5th Congressional District against incumbent Congressman Dan Burton raising Federal dollars towards a future endeavor.

He joins an established group of challengers in Brose McVey, Luke Messer, Mike Murphy and Burton’s 2008 opponent John McGoff. Much will probably be made of the fact that Brizzi used to work for Congressman Burton in the late ’90’s back when Burton chaired the Government Reform and Oversight Committee. Much will also be made of the fact that all of the candidates come from the area Burton was most vulnerable; the Marion County/Southern Hamilton County portion of the 5th District.

Given the fundraising prowess of most of these candidates, Indiana’s 5th Congressional GOP 2010 primary surely will be the most expensive in the nation.

Does this give Burton anything to worry about? At this point, I’d say no. And the more people who file, especially in that portion of the district, only improves Burton’s chances of re-election. Why? Because he still has a strong lock on the northern portion of the district and the other five will only further divide the anti-Burton segment of the district.

As a Burton supporter, I say keep ‘em coming!

(See the official FEC filing form for the Citizens for Brizzi Committee)

(H/T - IndyStar Twitter feed via the Matt Tully Twitter feed)

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