Thursday, July 16, 2009



Anonymous said...

typical republican nonsense. instead of talking about things intelligently, they'd rather stick to taking quotes out of context. wasn't it you guys who got so mad when democrats (and a whole lot of republicans in congress) dared to speak out against the almighty bush? but now it's okay because it's not your guy. got it. you're hypocrites.

marcel-jace said...

Dude. The quote is "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." I must conclude that you are a complete moron for disregarding this.

The Contrarian, a Gun-toting, God-fearing, Vast Right Wing Conspirator. said...

Actually, we are quite familiar with the Hunter S. Thompson quote, you spineless troglodyte. However, last time I checked, since it's our blog we can call it whatever we want to. This is America, after all.

Read it. Don't read it. We could really care less, just don't show your ass when you post a comment.