Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Of Bureaucrats, Indygo, IMS, and a fellow Weird Pro

I didn't see The Contrarian at IMS though where his seat is located it's of the "How The Other Half Lives" ... I was in my Paddock Box seat at the Yard of Bricks and saw a lot of action during the 500 mile race. Including Buddy Rice cut off Darren Manning coming out his pit box and knocking the sideplane off his front wing. In spite of that Manning pulled out a 9th place finish for AJ Foyt. This is quite the result for AJ since his tenure as an owner since he retired from driving has not been the best. Congrats though to the Friends of The Contrarian Panther Racing as their driver Vitor Miera pulled out a respectable 2nd place in spite of the horsepower and budgets of "The Big Three".

Thanks to whoever made that phone call to the Federal Transit Administration on allowing IndyGo to continue the shuttle bus service. Not to say there was a lot of people using the shuttle, but I was ticket #9713 and after the race I waited in line to get onto the shuttle to go downtown for over 1-1/4 hour, and when I boarded the line to get onto the bus still stretched from 16th & Georgetown all the way to 14th & Main. Now imagine all those folks driving to the track in their own cars, and leaving all at once in their own cars. I'm sure IndyGo and Town of Speedway Police will think of something to help the boarding process in the future. Considering the shuttles were a "last minute reprieve" then they should be cut some slack.

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